An ‘eggcellent’ end to a cracking week!

I can’t quite believe just how quickly this week has gone by… they do say that time flies when you’re having fun!

On the final day of MAKE Summer School the Apprentices showed real teamwork to complete a series of Engineering Challenges set by the group leaders.

One of the tasks was to build the tallest self-supporting structure using Stixx (tightly rolled up and pasted newspaper) and cable ties. This is a great task and really made the Apprentices think about what would and would not be successful. They had time to plan out how they would manage their teams (who would do what) and to prepare newspaper to make into extra Stixx.

Each team only had 10 minutes on the Stixx roller to make additional material to help them win.

While three of the groups did the Stixx Challenge, the rest took on the ‘Eggcellent Egg Drop’ Challenge, where they had to devise a product that would prevent a raw egg from smashing on the ground as it is dropped from a height. They had to do this using limited resources so their creativity and ingenuity would be tested to the max!

The Apprentices then headed off to the sportshall for a football tournament before returning to the workshop to take on the other challenge.


While the Apprentices were enjoying their lunch, a special surprise guest turned up… none other than Edinburgh Rugby Captain and Scotland Stand Off Greig Laidlaw!

Greig, who is an incredibly creative player on the pitch, is also a joiner to trade and very creative off it! He offered to come in and run some ‘Chippy Challenges’ for the youngsters. He started off by showing them how to knock a nail into a piece of wood in one strike (not an easy task!!!) and the young Apprentices all had a good go at it; Matthew T managed to smash his in in one go!


Then it was time for a sawing challenge; Greig set the time of 3.68 to saw through the baton with Mr Main managing the task in 4 seconds! The fastest Apprentice time was 11 seconds by Cameron S and he managed to keep this time twice, showing real consistency.

Tom shows us how it’s done!

After the excitement of meeting the Scotland Star it was back to the engineering challenges and then on to the testing. Some of the structures were very tall, but some were a bit dodgy in terms of stability! The egg drop challenge products were eggcellent and really protected the raw eggs well. Two groups managed to tie this competition with breakages only occurring at around 3 metres; not bad for an hour’s work!

Getting ready for the big drop!

With all the testing done and the winners announced it was the end of MAKE Summer School for 2012 :O( . Parents and friends came in at the end of the day to see the Apprentices work and to take them home with all their new products.

It was a real pleasure to run MAKE Summer School and the Apprentices made it a real success. I am very grateful to all MAKE Staff for their hard work, care of the Apprentices and support throughout the week and I believe that they are due a well-earned weekend!

Please keep an eye out for future events and please do spread the word about MAKE! There are rumours about a potential Christmas Club, so keep an ear out for that!!!

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