Fantastic elastic!

On our second last day of MAKE Summer School, we made a project that was the stand out in terms of popularity when we polled opinions throughout the year… the Elastic Band Crossbow!

What young Apprentice would not want to make something that projects a paper ball through the air?!! With a really interesting product ahead and three days of new skills behind them, the youngsters rattled through the work and by the end of the first morning session many had nearly completed much of the construction.

By lunchtime most had completed it and those who had not wanted to continue grafting through their lunch break – keen beans!

The quality of the work has been excellent and this is down to the pride the Apprentices are taking in their own work. The main aim of MAKE is for them to have fun, and the develpoment of their skills and confidence is a really positive by-product of the project based tasks.

After lunch we decided to do the main tidy up, as all of the fabrication work was done and all that was left was to paint/wax/add stickers to personalise the EBC’s. While the paint and wax dried everyone headed to the sportshall for another epic game of dodgeball!

On their return there were touch ups on the Crossbows, then it was back to the sportshall where Lewis had set up a series of target challenges for the budding Arbalists. This was great fun and the  accuracy of some of the crossbows was very impressive.


Some of the teachers were also challenged to a wee game of basketball!


All in all, a great day was had by all and everybody achieved great results with their projects. Tomorrow the Apprentices will be undertaking a series of Engineering teamwork challenges and will also be visited by a special guest! Someone very creative in their own trade!

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