Something to treasure forever…


Day 2 of MAKE Summer School started with an introduction on how to glue up the front, back and ends of the Treasure Box. The Apprentices were then soon underway and working hard to ensure they glued theirs up square using the vices, engineer’s squares and, if it needed a little bit more persuasion, a mallet!

All glued up!

tap tap TAP!!!!!












While their glue dried the Apprentices set about cutting out templates of a fold up dice before sticking it to a piece of card and cutting it out. They then scored along the fold lines and then designed their own personal die.


Shaping up nicely!









With two major jobs under their belts it was time for a break! By the end of break the glued up boxes were dry and ready to have the tops and bottoms attached. Once these were done the Apprentices learned how to play Beetle using the die they had made earlier.

Gluing up the top and bottom


After lunch James led a dodgeball session with help from Lewis and Harvey in the sportshall, which everyone enjoyed. The teachers started off with the dodgeballs but the real fireworks started when sureshot Niles K took charge of one the balls and swiftly eliminated three players in a row, including Harvey!

Good bowling fromJames!







Two dangerous Apprentices worth dodging! ;OP










The next job was to plane and sand down the outside of the boxes (quite a tough and time consuming job) and then have the lids cut off by the teachers. With a bit more sanding done on the inside of the box it was then time to attach the hinges and catches, a real skill that involves measuring, bradawling (poking a wee hole!) and driving in the screws.

Attaching the hinges

Plane and simple!

                  Some Apprentices opted to apply wax to maintain the natural wood effect of their treasure box with others opting to paint theirs and apply stickers to personalise them. Not quite everybody managed to complete the task today but there is time tomorrow to add the finishing touches and with so much effort going into the projects it is worth finishing them well!   

  The Apprentices and Staff at MAKE Summer School had earned a rest by the end of Day2 and look forward to visiting the interactive exhibitions at the National Museum tomorrow morning before returning to the workshop where they will make Jacob’s Ladder toys and complete their Treasure Boxes.

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