Olympic promise!

Like many other people, I’m wondering what life after the Olympics will be like. How will I possibly survive without having 24 BBC Olympic channels to choose from so that I can watch sports I would never normally look twice at? I never thought I would enjoy it half as much as I did and I am just delighted that it went so well, and that Team GB secured Bronze in the medal table made it even sweeter!

Anything that unifies people like that can only be a great thing and I have been so impressed with how everyone I have seen and spoken to has really got behind the idea and had nothing but positive comments to say about it.

With all other sports tournaments there is always some kind of divide in the UK (and no doubt throughout the world). Whether it’s the Six Nations (rugby), the World Cup (rugby/football) or anything else, there is always division in terms of home nationality or mere interest. London 2012 was different and when the likes of Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah secured their Gold medals on that memorable Saturday night they did it with the entire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (sporty or not) shouting them on and living every moment with them: I was exhausted after Mo’s 10k run!!!

Mo Farah winning the 10k

I feel that it really was the best of Britain and the creativity in the opening and closing ceremonies blew everyone away! The co-ordination, the choreography, the visual arts, the music, the teamwork…. I could go on, were all amazing and really does show what is achievable if we pull together.

I am now excited and looking forward to the Paralympics starting in a couple of weeks and will be supporting Team GB all the way through to the end.

So, what will I do in the meantime? Well, MAKE Summer School kicks off on Monday (20th August) and I am very excited and can’t wait to welcome the new Apprentices. We have fantastic staff whose expertise and enthusiasm will only help to inspire the creativity of the next generation.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/MAKE-Summer-School/354561317899424)  and follow us on Twitter @makesummerscool to see what the Apprentices create throughout the week.

If we can find more things in life that unify us like the Olympics has and get us all pulling in the same direction it will be a happier world. We’ve all pitched in and created something special that will last and will truly inspire a generation and if we trust in our youth and encourage them and give them the best possible chances, who knows what they will go on to achieve?

I believe it takes something like this to kick start us and get us back on a positive path; one that is full of hope, promise and unity. Roll on Rio 2016!

Sir Chris Hoy, Olympic Legend and true role model

Jess Ennis, the face of London 2012 and a great example to young girls

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